Delicias Street Kids Academy
Construction history 2002 - 2005 - below (in 2006: academy opened)
November 2012 Update is on Facebook.
(we have done it little by little with our personal funds and the participation of hearty volunteers -
when finished it will house a school for the poorest local children (who would otherwise be not destined for education)
employment and self employment for extremely poor mothers.a small shelter where local children will learn to care for animals
and thus overcome their tendency of cruelty toward animals which are dependent on humans.
Ana Tere also wants to install a small Public Library for the local community.
- 2010 -
But alas nature has other plans for the Delicias Street Kids Acadamy - or perhaps man's indicipline
is forcing nature to vito our good intentions: for the Pacific Ocean has risen to within a few meters
of our wall. We are forced to close our doors for now. Wait for a miracle.

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Gate & Wall. 24.06.05
1st Girl's Dorm. 24.06.05
Admin. Bldg 24.06.05
Bathrooms 24.06.05
Back Wall 24.06.05
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Admin. Bldg. 06.06.05
Inside Admin. Bldg. 06.06.05
1st Girl's Dorm 06.06.05
Inside Grls. Dorm 06.06.05
Inside the Compound 06.06.05
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Finishing outside wall 01.2005
Inside the compound 01.2005
Making Adobe Bricks 02.2004
Admi, Bldg. 11.2003
Inside Admin. Bldg. 11.2003
07090018.JPG (199,547 bytes) 07090019.JPG (219,890 bytes)
Inaug. 1st temp. Enclosure 11.2003 Buying Adobe 10.2003
Vol. Pilgramage 08.2003
Front Wall 02.02003
First Builders 01.2003
07090018.JPG (199,547 bytes) 07090019.JPG (219,890 bytes)
Friends dig foundation 01.2003
Property Acquired 11.2002