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delicias shelter for abandoned child rape victimsGive generously pleaseShelter For Abandoned Pregnant TeensBruce Peru, where street kids get educates, loves, fed and medicated
DTREET GIRLS on the beach
Abandoned pregnant girls SUPPORTING THEMSELVES
Getting help 2 locate
at risk pregnant girls

Veronica and Charo make our pitch to local churches and they respond positively.
There comes a time when you must stop hating the rapìst and start loviong the child.
Learning to love Baby

No matter how traumatic the circumstances which led her to become pregnant.
15 August Update, Dian L. Doody, M.D. Pediatrician, who volunteered with us in early 2006, has published the book she wrote while in Peru, "MI BEBE" ('My Baby'), which is a How-To manual for young mothers who have to take care of their newborn baby on their own - perfect for our teen moms. Here Juliana (who will give birth later this month) receives her baby shower. She was too bloated to come down to the centre, so we and all the pregnant girls walked up to where Juliana lives in a reed shack; and there we gave gifts and celebrated her baby shower. One of the main gifts was a copy of Mi Bebe.
Dian is giving us enough for all the teen victims who will pass through our programmes in Peru, and elsewhere in Latin America - plus we will have copies to give to other NGOs for their moms.
MI BEBE ('My Baby') by Dr. Dian Doody
Juliana (15.08.07) w/Mi Bebe book available to new momsJuliana's Baby Shower, 15.08.07
Juliana in front of her reed & plastic sheet hut, 15.08.07
Juliana, knitting baby clothes - 08.06.07
Abandned teens who gave birth this year with us - Ceebrate Christmas with us.
Midyear , Some of the at risk teens who gave birth while in our programme returned to celebrate with us.We had presents for mums and babies, In all 35 babies were born this year in our programmet, and all of them were kept by their loving young mums [.Street girls converted.] Worldwide, of girls who are raped and give birth, 50% leave their babies in the hospitals where they are born. This completes the first full year our project for at risk pregnant adolescents has been operating. We could not be more satisfied with the progress the girls have made, and with the results of the programme. Our thanks to everyone who helped our street girls..
Trujillo, Some of the matrons of Trujillo have joined us in knitting baby clothes for the expectant adolescent mothers in our Delicias project. Their work is beautiful - one of them is the former owner of one of the city's finest knitwear houses. We now have 25 girls in the programme, and more arrive each week.With all that we offer our girls, including paying their transport, some nutrition ans some of their medical expenses, it is becoming increassingly expensive for us. If any of you would care to share this load, we won't complain: Donate to help pregnant teen rape victims in Peru
June 2005 - Our second Director, Marta Lozano, a nurse from Madrid, has taken the project to a new level. The hard part is making contact with the girls who need our help, and the problem is that the culpret usually lives in the same house, and for obvious reasons does not want the girl to go public. But Marta (legs crossed) , with the help of Erica (to her left) has found a way around this. We now have 25 girls in the programme, and more arrive each week.With all that we offer them, including paying their transport, it is becoming rather expensive for us. If any of you would like to donate, please do:Donate to help pregnant teen rape victims in Peru
Until now we were building a shelter for them at Delicias Beach. After 2 years of building we got in a new crew to finish the admin building, roof the first dormatory, install the main gait, bathrooms, sewage system,and started to install the electricity.Then settled in to wait for the Electric company - and we waied: and we are still waiting (it is mid February 2006). To the right, Doctor. Thomas Bloom, Uinversity of Vermont, supervises the original construction crew. History of construction of the Delicias Shelter for abandoned, pregnant adolescents [Construction is on hold]
Tom & builders at Delicias Shelter
January 2005 - After planning and fretting over this project for over two years, we have finally started it. With a social worker, a community leader from Esperanza barrio and our project director we went around and found our first at-risk pregnant teens. We started with 10 (not all pictured here). Our criteria is: the girls must be under 15, not more than 12 weeks pregnant (to give us enough time to work with them), and without support from either their families or the man who got them pregnant. Not all of our first girls fit perfectly into this mold, but we are spreading the word to all of Trujillo's barrios, and more and more girls in this condition are being proposed to us. The first group are not living with us yet, but we are giving them all the help we can, including: Support from our Psychologist, social worker, volunteer staff, handicraft teachers, we cooperate with their Doctors, and we provide job training and assistance, basic education (where needed), nourishment and lots of love and encouragement. The self esteem of our first girls is up already. Our first Director, Monique Saville, from France, did a wonderful job launching the project.

Teen moms-to-be show wares of their micro enterprize 17.02.05
  July 2003
If only our
Delicias Project had existed when these girls needed it -
We serve free meals in our comedor to children up to the age of 14. Pictured here are eight girls who sometimes eat with us
They may not look it but they are young enough to eat for free, some are adolescent mothers.. Each one has her own tragic tale to tell; usually begins with rape, then abortion or maternity, then abandonment: ends with drug addiction and working on the street. We are desparate to catch these girls before thay are lost and give them the protection and rehabilitating care of the Delicias Project.
Child Prostitutes we want to help
In Peru it is not uncommon for women to raise 5 or more children., each with a different biological father. What is also common is for the motherís latest companion to rape the eldest daughters, often resulting in pregnancy. One expects a reaction from the mother, but not the sort of reaction that is so evident here in Peru. As a result of the rape the mother feels shamed and jealous and abandons her own daughter who is often without the comfort of additonal family members for support and understanding. These abandoned, pregnant, adolescent rape victims (Ďadolescentsí), often only thirteen or fourteen years old face a dull future. They are without money; support; homes and job prospects. Most worrying of all, they are carrying an unborn baby, who will enter a world where education will not be available to them and their options for a self-sustainable life non-existent. It is not uncommon for such desperate girls to drift into the sex trade and drugs; further blighting their lives and potential to contribute to society Our mission: To save as many of these girls and their unborn children as we can, to prepare them for and steer them into a richer more productive life than they could have known without this project.